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We’re not trying to sell you a proofreading course and we’re not selling a get rich quick scheme. We’re simply here to show you that you’ve been looking for proofreading work in all the wrong places.

Are you ready to start earning a living as a freelance proofreader? Do you want to work from home and earn enough to support your lifestyle and family, and still have plenty left to live out your dreams? Within a few pages, we can show you how to get ahead of all your competition and find freelance proofreading jobs, proofreading companies THAT ARE HIRING and the best ways to start your own proofreading business.

Proofreading Job Salary
Proofreading Salaries are on the rise!

We’ve got over 60 opportunities to get you ahead of the competition and find well-paying freelance proofreading jobs and earn a full-time income. If you want a lucrative, sustainable freelance career, then it’s time that you took steps to make it happen.

Why waste time filling out countless applications only to find out that you’re over or under-qualified for a position. Most sites aren’t clear about their requirements and have you jumping through hoops for days, and in some cases weeks, before declining your application. We’re here to fix that!

What will you find in
60+ Work From Home Proofreading Jobs“?

Proofreading Job Guide Directory
  • An Instant Overview of the Best Sites to apply to
We provide an easily organized list of the best sites THAT ACTUALLY HIRE
  • A Breakdown of All Requirements
You’ll no longer need to guess if they require experience or a degree before applying
  • Multiple Ways of Finding Jobs
 We’ll show you where to find jobs as well as websites that help clients find you
  • Region-based Breakdown
Which sites are best to apply to if you live in a specific country and which sites accept proofreaders from anywhere in the world
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What's Really Stopping You From Becoming a Well-Paid and In-Demand Freelance Proofreader?

You’re likely here because you enjoy working for yourself, in your own time, and dream of quitting your job to be your own boss.

But you’re struggling to get started…

You’re probably finding it difficult to take that big self-empowering step to quit your job and work for yourself. This happens to everyone and it usually comes down to one of the following reasons. 

#1 You can't find any online/offline work

This is a very common issue with both freelance proofreaders and writers. It can be quite daunting at first, stepping into a whole new business venture.

What if I told you there were literally hundreds of jobs that you could apply for today!

Better yet, there are easy ways to get clients to find and apply directly to you for their proofreading needs.

It might not seem this way now, but I promise you that once you know where to look, you’ll be inundated with opportunities. And we’re not just talking about classic freelancing sites either. We’ve done our research and found websites and tools for every type of proofreader, wherever you may be located.

Those low paying jobs on freelance marketplaces are only a small subsection of the real opportunities that are available today.

There is a huge demand for freelance proofreaders at the moment…

Proofreaders are needed by websites, bloggers, students, business owners, and the list goes on… There are unlimited opportunities when it comes to online proofreading and with this being the digital age – more opportunities are being created each and every day. 

You just need to know where to look!

#2 You're not confident enough in your proofreading abilites

It took me years before I was comfortable enough to call myself a freelance proofreader. Without a degree or any previous experience, I always felt that I was too inexperienced to take on that title.

The thing it, all the experience and all the degrees in the world doesn’t ensure that you’re going to do a good job. It’s the individual and their dedication that decides whether they’re good at their job or not.

There are also some great tools that we’ll mention at the end of the book that you can use as an aid in your proofreading career. Even after 8 years, I still make some mistakes, but I use these tools to catch them before I send documents back to my clients. 

#3 You don't known where to begin

Starting off on a new career path can be incredibly daunting. It’s scary to start something new without knowing the exact route to take, especially with the limited amount of truly useful information available. I had to struggle and search for years before I figured out exactly how to make a freelance proofreading business really work. But you won’t have to, I can get you started on the ground running and into your new career within days.

I might have taken the long and hard road to where I am, but you don’t have to. You can skip straight to the finish line and learn where you need to go to find high-paying clients. I’m sure that you don’t want to read the same rehashed information that you find online about how to become a freelance proofreader. You want to know exactly where to look to find well-paying clients today!

And that’s exactly what we’ll give you. We’ve listed over 60 places that you can either find paying clients or make clients come to you. You could search for months and never come across the full list of  sites that we’ve gift-wrapped for you. We even have a bonus section that will detail the tools we use to make our final draft come out looking as professional as possible. 

Limited Time Offer at Only $20

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How to Find Freelance Proofreading Jobs

We’ve been in the proofreading business for many years and we know how difficult it can be to find freelance proofreading jobs. You could sign up to a 50 different sites, and instead of getting job offers – you simply get spam mail.  There are lots of places to apply online but it can be difficult to find opportunities that are not scams. We’ve all been in a position where we didn’t know where to start, and that’s exactly why we’ve created this book – to help others in a similar situation.

Aren’t you sick of websites promising 100200 or even 500 Places to Find Proofreading Jobs Online. 99% of those sites are generic, useless or dead. We want to provide you with quality over quantity – not just list every site we come across in Google.

This book contains over 60 legitimate opportunities for proofreading work. We have directory listings to find jobs, marketplaces to grow your client base, and (the lesser-known but very valuable) resume-hosting sites. We’ve even added in a bonus section of useful software and courses that would benefit even the most talented proofreaders.

Could you find some of these sites on your own? Maybe. But it could take you months of research and many would only show up with very specific keyword searches in Google. This guide will streamline your job search and help you spend less time with the difficult bits and get straight to applying. So you can skip ahead of everyone else and start finding opportunities immediately.

We’ve priced our book very reasonably for one important reason – we know that there is lots of work available and we want the most dedicated candidates to find it.

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Freelance Proofreading Jobs
Work at Home Jobs

For a limited time only, our 60+ Work From Home Proofreading Jobs Guide is available for a very special price. Get ahead of your competition by applying to the right places today.

Proofreading Job Guide Directory
I went from getting an occasional client every so often to having to turn them down because I'm so busy. Unbelievable!
James Corville
James Corville
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It's official - I am now completely self-employed. I've left my crappy 8-5 job for good.
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Cristina Love
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